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Edible Women

A show of new media pieces by Maria Legault, Jennifer Matotek, Beth MacEachen and Anica Vucetic, Deleon White Gallery, Toronto. 2005.


Neverland Ranch: Art at The Turn of The Century

Featuring works by Kineko Ivic, Daniel Borins, Derek Mainella, Graham Hollings, Maria Legault, Jubal Brown and Raffael Antonio Iglesias, Klinik, Toronto. 2004.


Fatal Surveillance

A show of oil paintings by Matt Bahen and mixed media works by John Scott and Matt Bahen.   A Space Gallery, Toronto. 2004.


The Rules of The Game

Video installation by Gustavo Artigas, presented as part of Images Festival of film, video, new media, performance and installation. A Space Gallery, Toronto. 2003.