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Neverland Ranch: Art at The Turn of The Century

Featuring works by Kineko Ivic, Daniel Borins, Derek Mainella, Graham Hollings, Maria Legault, Jubal Brown and Raffael Antonio Iglesias, Klinik, Toronto. 2004.


Canadian artists commenting on the image of the United States of America as it is portrayed by the American Media.

Artists are asked to create works which quote from, "sample" or comment upon images of the USA, its culture, foreign policy and psychology,   collated from popular outlets such as CNN, Time Magazine, MTV,   etc, and media outlets from other countries, which are then to be manipulated, re-contextualized and regurgitated, so as to provide a dialectic between the manner in which   the outside world perceives American culture as reflected by the media of film, television, music videos and print, and the way in which Americans, by means of the aforementioned media perceive the outside world and themselves.

This show asks the following questions: How do we see America? How does America see itself?   And how do we see ourselves when we look at our own representations through the eyes of the American media and entertainment industry?

The exhibiting artists have been chosen for the use of juxtaposition and contextualization in their practice.

Jubal Brown

Tazman Richardson

Derek Mainella

Kineko Ivic

Raffael Antonio Iglesias

Maria Legault

Instant Coffee

Louise Lillifeld

Matthew Bennett

Darren O'donnel

Daniel Borin


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